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billmanalo sent: Aw shit i got a follower from talking to you \m/

ah word?? that’s coo man!

Foreign - Trey Songz | 20,421 plays

Trey Songz - Foreign

julianamaaa replied to your post: julianamaaa said:Thanks for follo…


Haha i’m kidding (:

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Recognize (feat. Drake)

kayla13 replied to your post: kayla13 said:hi(:hi kayla! 

how are you sammy (:

hey, i’m about alright! haha (:

billmanalo sent: You have no chill lmfao

ahaha! it’s all good tho

julianamaaa sent: Thanks for following my shitty blog! (:

well damn, in that case.. *unfollows*

kayla13 sent: hi(:

hi kayla! 

Anonymous sent: Do you have a girlfriend Sammy?

like it matters lol

billmanalo sent: Good to have you back! Haha

ahaha i appreciate it bro!

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